Welcome to Java Swing:
An Applet of JTree For Navigation

If you can not see the navigation tree on the left frame, you need to download a plug in called JRE 1.2 from Sun Microsystems at: java.sun.com/products/plugin/1.1.2/plugin-install.html

If you see the navigation tree, then you may use it to see my stuff now.

The Java program of this tree applet (TreeView.java) is based on the output of a Java application (TreeNode.java), which scans locally through my web directory, making nodes of HTML files only, producing a text string of definitions of nodes and a text string of tree-node setups, then inserting them into the TreeView.java program. TreeNode also creates a nested node object, which can be used by other JTree applications (but not applets, due to the Java security violation).

Having fun with Java Swing!

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